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    High Quality Refractory Ceramic Middle Alumina Lining Bricks

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    Middle Alumina Lining Bricks

    1. Detailed information

    The Alumina Lining Bricks with high density, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, pollution-free . Widely used in building and sanitary ceramics, Industry ceramics, high-grade refractory materials, special cement, enamel, deep processing of non-metallic mineral products, chemical industry, medicine, paint industry. For abrasive and lining.

    Characteristics of middle alumina balls    

    Dry cold isostaic press method to guarantee the stability of product    

    High density to improve grinding efficiency    

    Low wear rate    

    Production capability 10000Mt/year    

    No pollution to the raw material.    

    chemical composition and physical properties

    Al2O3Bulk Density g/cm³ Hardness% Abrasion%   WACCS
    Middle alumina Lining Bricks68-70%3.08≤0.5≤0.02≥1300Mpa
    High middle alumina Lining Bricks75-80%3.2-3.39≤0.35≤0.02≥1500Mpa

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