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  • High Quality Homogenized bauxiteMade of excellent bauxite ores in Xiaoyi City , it is homogenized and calcined with the lates...2016-09-14 16:41:53
  • Quality Rotary Kiln bauxite Down Draught Kiln Ba...There is large bauxite deposit in Xiaoyi City, and the raw bauxite has high Al2O3 content,...2016-09-14 16:37:02
  • About Usessing and trading of rotary kiln bauxite and down draught kiln bauxite. Th...2021-04-23 02:11:14
  • Refractory Ceramic Oil Proppantsheng is located in the capital of bauxite,  Mingsheng ceramic proppants are...2016-09-14 17:00:15
  • Natural Sintered Mulliteade from the natural high-quality bauxite, Sintered Mullite is processed th...2016-09-14 16:52:35
  • Refractory   Refractoriness is not less than 1580 ℃ inorganic non-metallic materials....2016-09-07 15:09:19
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